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Neon SRT-4 Performance Parts | TurboNeonStore.com :: Engine :: BLE SRT-4 Solid Upgraded Lifter Set

::. BLE SRT-4 Solid Upgraded Lifter Set
BLE SRT-4 Solid Upgraded Lifter Set 

Our BLE Solid Lifters have specific enhancements over the factory and aftermarket hydraulic units.  Only the finest 8620 Aerospace and 4130 chromoly steel is used to manufacture this product.  Each assembly incorporates a fine-threaded lash adjuster, which features a radiused pivot head, built to exact OEM tolerances for use with the factory rocker arm. The lash adjuster is heat treated to increase surface hardness for maximum durability & wear resistance.  It is locked in place to the lifter body using an 18-8 SS jam nut.  The lifter body is cryogenically treated and its outside diameter is precision machined to match the cylinder head slot and oil passage clearances.  Furthermore, the assembly is then chemically coated with black oxide for lubricity, corrosion protection, and improved wear & anti-galling characteristics.


The solid lifter conversion replaces the factory hydraulic lifters and comes with all necessary hardware for a straightforward installation.  These Conversion Kits are perfect for anyone upgrading the factory valvetrain and/or camshafts in their sport compact. The main reason we designed this product is pure and simple...  Horsepower.  A solid lifter valvetrain is more consistent, opens to a greater extent, and closes faster than a hydraulic setup.  This translates into better control of the valvetrain, as well as more duration spent at higher flow valve lifts.  In essence, more high rpm power is found by eliminating the physical "collapse" (and resulting power loss) experienced by hydraulic lifters at certain rpm thresholds and valvespring pressure levels.  The stronger your valve springs, the sooner this collapse will occur with hydraulics!  Likewise, fluctuations in oil pressure will affect the operation of your hydraulic lifters, not so with this solid lifter conversion.  As a result, the BLE Solid Lifters allow for higher spring pressures to be run, as well as, more aggressive camshaft lifts.  So go ahead, REV IT UP!


In race applications, where the engine is operated for shorter durations, and undergoes closer inspection intervals, a simple "splash" lubricated rocker pivot is acceptable.  However, for street & daily operation, where constant surveillance is both unlikely and cumbersome, a steady flow of oil to the rocker is highly recommended for obvious reasons.  With that said, our Solid Lifters incorporate an oil feed with a restrictor to lube the rocker, while functioning similar to the "controlled" bleed of the OEM hydraulic units.  Other solid units on the market, with unrestricted oil (passages) release the full pressure of the engine's oil system, which can effectively lower the oil pressure excessively.


Fits: Dodge Neon SRT-4

TECH TIP: This is a full set! The set includes new BLE lifters to completely replace all your stock lifters.

Part # DG00116

SKU DG00116
Price: $351.95



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Awesome customer service!!! Part was in perfect condition with fast shipping. Will do business with you guys again and again.

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