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Neon SRT-4 Performance Parts | TurboNeonStore.com :: Electronics :: Rocky Mountain RMR-C430 RMRC430 Radar Laser Scrambler

::. Rocky Mountain RMR-C430 RMRC430 Radar Laser Scrambler
Rocky Mountain RMR-C430 RMRC430 Radar Laser Scrambler 

The RMR-C430 is the newest and best radar and laser detector/scrambler on the market.  It will visually and audibly notify you of police radar and laser guns attempting to read your vehicles speed.  The RMR-C430 will also scramble all radar and laser signals from a police radar or laser gun returning a blocked signal, making it virtually impossible for police to read your vehicles speed.  C-430's state-of-the-art radar and laser detector will cover your vehicle a full 360° while the radar & laser jamming portion will cover the front of your vehicle 180° for unbeatable protection.  The RMR-C430 is completely legal in all 50 states except Utah, California, Nebraska, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Virginia and Washington D.C.  This product can be made legal in all states except Virginia and Washington D.C. by turning off the scrambler feature.  Since police cannot detect this product, it is the responsibility of the operator/driver to use in accordance with all state laws


  • One year manufacture ticket rebate program

  • Three year manufacture warranty!

  • Exclusive Scrambler Defeat Function

  • Full visual and audio 360° Radar and Laser Detector

  • Manual and Automatic Internal Scrambler Test

  • Adaptive Laser Tracking

  • University tested

  • 100 % FCC Legal

  • Searches radar bands 2-4 times faster than any other radar detector.

  • MICRO-SCAN™ Technology - Increase detection of new POP radar.

  • SMART-SCAN™ Software - Decreases the amount of false warnings.

  • Instant-On.  Photo and NEW POP Radar

  • Detects safety alert (SA) and safety warning system (SWS)

  • Selectable VG-2 / VG-3 Detection.  VG-2 / VG-3 Undetectable

  • Forward 180° Radar and Laser Scrambler.

  • Jams and Detects all Radar (X,  K, Ka)

  • Jams and Detects all Laser (LTI 2020. Laser-Lite. Pro-Laser)

  • City, Highway, Mute, Dim, Signal Strength

  • Covers all radar bands the FCC allows the Police to use (7GHz - 38GHz)

  • Effective range approx. 3 miles

  • Dual diagnostic systems to confirm reliable operation.

  • Universal windshield mounting system. (Suction cup)

  • Compact size: 4.3" D x 2.9" W x 1.3" H

  • Unit Weight 6 oz

  • Selectable Tones

  • Last Memory Setting

  • Covers all Superwide & European radar

  • Made in the USA

Part # RMRC430

Price: $227.95



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Had few shipping problems but TNS fixed it real quick and recieved shipping within 3 days. I will happily order more parts from TNS in the near future. Thanx guys!!!!!
Elias Perez

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