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Neon SRT-4 Performance Parts | TurboNeonStore.com :: Turbo - Intercooler :: AGP Direct Fit Front Mount Intercooler- Neon SRT-4

::. AGP Direct Fit Front Mount Intercooler- Neon SRT-4
AGP Direct Fit Front Mount Intercooler- Neon SRT-4 
AGP Direct Fit Front Mount Intercooler- Neon SRT-4


So you want a FMIC upgrade for your SRT-4, but you're worried about having to remove your bumper beam. Here is the answer and NOT some tube and fin radiator some other company is trying to pass off with fancy end tanks. And this is not some China made assembly you can buy on Ebay. This is the real thing, made in the USA.

This 24"x6"x4.5" bar and plate core is the largest direct fit, under the bumper FMIC upgrade for the SRT-4. This product features new cast end tanks and the same quality and craftsmanship as our Standard and Race FMIC that we've been selling now for seven years.

Enough on the marketing, let's get to the numbers. We tested this FMIC on a Mopar Stage 3R equipped vehicle and beat the snot out of it.

Outside Temp - 75
65mph cruise
Stock intercooler - 92-95 degrees intake temp
AGP Direct Fit intercooler - 78-81 degrees intake temp

Third gear pull
Stock intercooler - 132-144 degrees intake temp
AGP Direct Fit intercooler - 88-91 degrees intake temp

Back to back dyno. Same dyno, same day, two hours apart. At peak power levels, we saw gains of 18wtq and 18whp with the AGP Direct Fit FMIC. There were some areas of the graph that picked up 28whp.

Also, we couldn't heatsoak this thing as hard as we tried. We did three back to back to back runs with the stock intercooler, and then three back to back to back runs with the AGP Direct Fit. The stock intercooler lost 20whp between the first run and the third run. The AGP Direct fit lost 8whp between the three runs.

If you want the best FMIC upgrade without removing your bumper beam, look no further, and now with CAST END TANKS.

**Because of the thickness of this core, you will be advised to trim 1/2 inch from two places on your bumper cover.**

Included with this intercooler are some washers that you can use to space the intercooler mounting tabs for perfect fitment.

Available with a black heat dispersion coating that helps "pull" the heat from the intercooler core- aiding with thermal transfer and increasing intercooler efficiency.

Available with the AGP logo stencil that will allow you to paint our logo on the intercooler any color you like.  We recommend using brake caliper paint, it seems to hold up the longest.

Price: $571.95

Heat Dispersion Coating:
Logo Stencil:


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This was my first time ordering on-line and they made it very easy for me and let me know when it was shipped and when it should arrive the fast service at the local fast food joints don't compare. To you guys you are THE BEST IN EVERY THING SINCE SERVICE, SPEED, AND MOST QUALITY.

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