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Neon SRT-4 Performance Parts | TurboNeonStore.com :: Boost Controller :: HKS EVC-S Boost Controller

::. HKS EVC-S Boost Controller
HKS EVC-S Boost Controller 
The EVC-S features a solenoid valve specifically designed to accurately control boost pressure up to 250kPa or 36 PSI, 2 boost level settings as well as settings for offset and boost response. Also included are: overboost warning with drop boost feature; peak hold boost readings; after-image display; data lock and an internal diagnostic function. Designed to be compatible with both internal and external wastegates, the EVC-S also complements the current HKS Turbo Timers and AF Knock Amp.
Functions and Features Include

    Affordable model of the HKS EVC series
    Specially designed solenoid valve for boost control function
    Compatible with internal and external wastegates
    Junction connection system allows display unit, solenoid valve and boost sensor to be directly connected to the control unit enabling an easy installation
    Display unit is the same design concept as the latest HKS electronic products and is selectable from kPa to PSI

Easier installation

    Each unit connects independently to the center control unit which processes all signals
    Thin display unit enables free layout

Unified Design

    The same design as A/F Knock Amp. and other HKS electronics
    Unified design for whole HKS electronics product line-up

Price conscious model with specific functions

    2 control modes (A/B mode)
    Basic parameters Offset, Response
    Control range of solenoid duty output = 0 - 100%
    Warning, Drop boost functions
    Peak hold, After image display indication functions
    Applicable for both internal and external wastegate types
    Factory boost function when power is off
    Data lock function
    Diagnosis function for malfunction of boost sensor, solenoid valve or wiring connection

SKU 45003-AK009
Price: $422.95



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