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Neon SRT-4 Performance Parts | TurboNeonStore.com :: Turbo - Intercooler :: AGP Upper Hard Pipe (UHP)- Neon SRT-4

::. AGP Upper Hard Pipe (UHP)- Neon SRT-4
AGP Upper Hard Pipe (UHP)- Neon SRT-4 
AGP Upper Hard Pipe (UHP)- Neon SRT-4


It is time that you finally have the ability to upgrade your stock upper pressure intercooler hose to a piece that: 1. Fits and 2. Does not blow that damn temperature sensor out and leaves you with a huge boost leak.

Introducing the AGP Upper Hard Pipe (UHP). This kit completely replaces the stock restrictive rubber hose with a new 2.5" custom mandrel bent high polished aluminum, 4 ply silicone hose connectors, all necessary hose clamps, and one final key ingredient: a new temperature sensor that threads into the UHP. Using this threaded sensor, you will no longer have the problem of pressure leaks around the stock grommet, and it won't blow out under high boost applications. To this date, this remains the only hard pipe setup that fits perfectly and does not leak boost.

You have the ability to purchase this kit with any of the popular BOV flanges on the market. You can also choose no BOV flange for those wanting to keep the stock integrated surge valve.

If you're still running the factory turbo, and you need a block off plate, you can add it.

The UHP comes with the threaded temp sensor. There is no need to purchase an additional sensor. This verson 2 sensor kit uses an OEM sensor so you will no longer need to hardwire in the temp sensor.

TIP Sensor information. The TIP Sensor uses that red vacuum line that you pulled out of the stock plastic pipe. We designed this pipe with an 1/8" NPT threaded bung for use of the factory red line. The pipe will have an 1/8” NPT plug installed so if you want to utilize the “red line”, you will need to pull out the plug and install an 1/8”NPT pipe fitting. Most people will not use this "red line" anymore, so you will just leave the plug installed or it can be used for water injection or an extra boost source.

The UHP with a BOV mount will not fit the stock airbox or the AEM SRI.

Price: $174.95

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Block Off Plate


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There was an issue with my credit card which they fixed fast and to make up for it they upgraded my shipping to Same Day for FREE!!!, and I got my parts in time for some AutoX. Thanks TNS.

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